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Our Process


01. Booking

To use my services, you must make a prior reservation using the contact information here “Contact”. Your shooting session will take place in my studio in Prague or Bratislava

02. Photoshoot

Please, reserve approximately proximately 3 hours for the photoshoot. Arrive on time without any makeup, nice manicure and washed hair.
Dress styling will be provided upon your request made during the “Booking”.

03. Contract

Your consent with conditions of my services, may be sufficient, but a fair contract, regulating yours and mine rights is an option. When booking, please let me know your preference and I make prepare any necessary paperwork.

04. Instruments of Services

Upon payment. You will be the legal owner of the pictures (Instruments of Services) and can do whatever you wish with them. As the author, I will retain the non-transferrable copyrights to the pictures.

05. Copyrights and GDPR

I have a right to publish the Instruments of Services with my name stated as the "author". By accepting my terms of services, you give me an irrevocable and informed consent with display, publication and reproduction of the pictures I have made.

06. Payment and Delivery

Unless agreed with me otherwise prior to the photoshoot, I will deliver you 10 final pictures. 

At the end of the photoshoot, you will get a pro-forma invoice to pay for my services. 3-4 weeks upon receiving your payment, I will send you a high-resolution photos via a secured down load service to you e-mail.

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